Our Services

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing data.

Although we apply our own frameworks that we have developed over our many years of consulting experience, our approach and deliverables are always bespoke to each individual client.

Data Strategy & Implementation


- Standardized, trustworthy data, integrated into one access point from disparate data sources.

- Increased personalization across Constituent engagement.

- Resource optimization across people and technology, enhancing productivity and enabling focus on value-add activities.

- Robust systems, processes, and protocols to address security and compliance considerations.


- We perform a thorough data diagnostic to understand current-state and future-state needs.

- Highest-impact opportunities inform gap analysis and future-state roadmap development.

- We work with you to develop a detailed plan to ensure the successful implementation of modern technology and organizational change management.

Data Governance


- Increased trust and confidence in data, leading to better informed decision-making.

- Streamlined data operations with clear data management processes and roles.


- Collaborative development of scalable data governance practices following best-practice frameworks

- Comprehensive evaluation and application of all aspects of governance (shown in visual below).

- Enforcement of standards across the data lifecycle (i.e., collecting, maintaining, sharing).

Program Valuation


- Ties data and technology initiatives to broader organizational strategies and goals.

- Tangible demonstration of the value proposition of data and technology initiatives.


- We tailor cost-benefit analyses based on your organization and operational metrics.

- We assess the opportunity size of addressing data and technology pain points within the overall Data Program.

- A cost model for implementation and onwards is made with consideration to People and Technology needs.

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